Sunday, February 22, 2015

Stage Entrance

Our work site, the Ballet West addition of the Capitol Theatre.

Preparing the kick board to be installed.

The award winning renovation of this historic building.

Opening our crate.

After Mike patches the seams of the cement wall, we install the kick boards.

With the kick boards in we can now put our chalk lines on the wall.

End of day 1!

A costume from the Swan Lake production happening at the Capitol Theatre.

Our first piece.

Jess back buttering.

The view from above.

We've made it to the second level.

End of day 2!

Dress Rehearsal

Mike testing grout colours.

Cleaning off the edges.

Squeezing into tight spaces.

Our little helper helping. End of day 3!

End of day 4!

Matinee Performance

Because this area was difficult to install we had some issues with fit.  That means some difficult fixes.

Really difficult

End of day 5!

Today we are preparing the top row for installing which  means measuring and cutting to fit.

End of day 6!

Opening Night

Lynn visited today from Chicago.

Fitting our last piece.

Our last piece goes in.

Celebratory drinks courtesy of Lynn with Valerie, the Public Art Program Manager for Salt Lake City, Mike and Jess.

Final Call

Our final day of work includes a lot of grouting and cleaning.

The mezzanine level.

The first floor.

The view from outside in the evening.

End of day 8!